Apr 232014

No, he’s not in trouble from that freak show shit-for-brains Democrat, Mike Dickinson, Richard Nixon could rise from the dead and beat that half-wit buffoon, he’s in trouble with Republicans, and I sure as hell hope Republicans are not forgiving.

Let’s be clear. Eric Cantor is the problem, not the solution. He needs to come out of the closet, admit he’s a Democrat, and switch party’s. The big tent is full.

Eric Cantor has never been closer to wielding the speaker’s gavel, but he may want to keep an eye over his right shoulder.

 As speculation heats up about whether Speaker John Boehner will return in 2015, Cantor is in the midst of a kind of shadow job interview with House conservatives, and it isn’t going all that well.

 Cantor recently enraged many Republicans by sneaking a Medicare bill through the House by voice vote. Days later, a provision in the bill that expanded Obamacare coverage became public, prompting high-profile scrutiny from the Drudge Report. Making matters worse, Boehner had been out of town for the vote, putting blame for the incident squarely on Cantor’s shoulders.

The Virginia Republican also drew flak for attending a tropical summit organized by a group working to undermine the Tea Party. ForAmerica President Brent Bozell described the move in a phone interview as providing “aid and comfort to an organization devoted to destroying the Tea Party.”

“It is betrayal. It’s also monumentally stupid,” Bozell added.

Weeks before that, he partnered with Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) on a flood insurance bill, ignoring the concerns of the House committee chairman who had just donated $1 million to the NRCC and happens to be Cantor’s most formidable would-be rival for the speakership.

And we all think John Boehner is a bad and weak speaker… Cantor would be much worse.

In spite of these examples, how much would you like to bet that the establishment, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory Republican machine will support Cantor if Boehner steps down?

Eric Cantor isn’t qualified to shine shoes let alone become speaker of the house.

H/T: Breitbart News

Chip Drewry

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