Dec 212013

Douchebag of the week

Humping Obama’s leg like only the lapdog media can!


With the country falling apart, the U.S. in decline, our enemies on the rise, unemployment at unacceptable numbers, taxes out of control, socialism on the rise, terrorism and Al Qaeda on the rise, illegal aliens on the rise, the debt skyrocketing and the country headed for collapse along with all of the other events of importance going on, particularly the Iranian nuclear weapons program, CNN’s Brianna Keilar asked Obama the toughest, most ruthless question of any reporter on planet Earth. “What is your New Year’s resolution?”

Yeah. Really. You just can’t make this stuff up.

No wonder CNN doesn’t have any ratings. With these types of hard-hitting questions, is it any wonder why CNN is the cellar dweller among cable news?

So Brianna, I’ve got an award for your “outstanding journalism,” likely, the only award for “journalistic excellence” you will ever receive.


Chip Drewry

Chip is the owner and managing editor.

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